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Posted by Atp505 - October 26th, 2017

@djjaner I wanted to have a private conversation with you about a recent relpy that you left on Madnesia´s comment, but since you blocked me in both of your accouts, i have no other choice but to make it public, so hopefully you respond to me and to everyone calling you out for your bullshit.


I honestly don´t know what´s wrong with you. Why are you doing the things that you do. Someone that has a wife and a child, and still isn´t able to act maturely for once. My friend, and possibly a lot more people try to make you realize how much of a cunt you are, but you´re not willing to listen to any of their comments, probably due to the fact that your ego simply won´t allow you to.

I personally never met someone as egotistical as you. Someone that doesn´t read any type of comments that aren´t either complimenting him or sucking his dick. Someone that isn´t willing to listen to any bit of criticism, and whenever someone does criticise him, he gets instantly banned. Someone that fucks his own groups up, and isn´t willing to admit it. Someone that simply can´t stand a damn joke that someone made about him, and that is willing to do basically everything to get the "cyberbullying" joke down. Someone that´s just desperate for drama and attention, that´ll do everything he can to get to that attention, even if that means hurting those that he ones used to be friends with.

Someone that´s not willing to admit that he´s a cunt.

 I hope you read this, and i hope you take into consideration everything i´ve just said. And i also hope you reply to this with a construstive comment istead of pussing out and just not willing to admit that you´re in the wrong.


Posted by Atp505 - June 27th, 2017

Sooo... Hello...

Ok, let me explain myself. The reason why i didn´t made the video in January was because i got REALLY into Tf2, to the point where i managed to get 1000 hours in 6 to 7 months, that and because i ran out of space in one of my computer´s discs, and there´s a problem with Steam, which won´t allow me to install more games on the other disc because of an error that i´m too lazy to try and fix. Also, since school started like 3 or 4 months ago, i couldn´t do anything "productive". That explains the lack of posts, animations and content. What i originally wanted to say is; don´t expect something productive from me, i´m not quiting or anything, it´s just i´m losing interest in MC and i can´t do anything but play Tf2. Also, the QnA video... i will make it eventually... probably not...

Oh, one more thing. For those who remember the incident with @Fedor22 . Well, if you don´t remember what happened; here´s some posts to help you remember. Well, he made a post recently showing that the sprites that he got are not stolen and that he got them from a chinese website. This is the reason why i made this post in the first place (and also to explain my lack of content). The post that me made days ago didn´t got the attention that it needed, so i´m showing it here, since i was the one that started the whole thing. I recommend you to go and reed it if you got involved in the drama.

I hope this post said anything helpful regarding my content. I´ll see you in another year. See ya


Posted by Atp505 - January 8th, 2017


Thank you every single one of ya who followed me.

Btw, to celebrate this, i´m doing a QnA. You can ask me whatever you want and you can ask more than 1 question. i´ll answer all of em in a simple video.

P.S: Got unfollowed by @JustAPunnyGuy ;D


Edit: The video will be released soon.

Posted by Atp505 - December 31st, 2016


Btw, i did these characters for an upcoming collab. If you´re gonna use them, give credit to me and @Tiny-Airman, because he was so kind to draw the hair for the characters.

Posted by Atp505 - December 2nd, 2016

So i made a while ago, my MC version of those robots from Video Game: The Game. Do whatever you want with them.

Posted by Atp505 - November 23rd, 2016


Posted by Atp505 - November 7th, 2016


Btw, i deleted my twitter account because it´s been a month since i used it, soo...

Posted by Atp505 - October 27th, 2016

In 7th November.

Posted by Atp505 - October 15th, 2016

I made dis timelapz

Posted by Atp505 - October 10th, 2016

Do you want Atp505 to stop using the Stagnate Hands?


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