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Posted by Atp505 - October 10th, 2016


Posted by Atp505 - September 27th, 2016

Posted by Atp505 - September 22nd, 2016



Posted by Atp505 - September 7th, 2016


And after that i blocked him. The End ;D

Something that i don´t understand is that when i looked to the kkots test he sent me before it says test from kkots, but if you look to my previous post you´ll see that it says "Test from Fedor" and that it´s the same exact link! How did he changed the name of the file without reuploading it?

Posted by Atp505 - September 2nd, 2016

Recently i got messaged by this guy called Fedor22, and once he starts, he wll not stop.

First of all, he spammed me two messages saying that my sprites were cool and that he wanted some "random sprites" and at the same time he sent me links to sprites from @lubos and @liuzirui1122, then i replied to him. After the replie, he re-replied to me (lelz) with this bad-written and impossible to read message.5493479_147284372823_Untitled.png

After seeing this i asked him is he was actually an animator and he sent me a message saying "i don´t know". After recieving this i pretty much ignored him and didn´t replied. I Though i was done until i recieved 3 mesages. All of them were about his recent "tests" and it´s pretty obvious that the test from the first message is stolen. Just look at this:5493479_147284393853_Untitled1.png

Absolutely pathetic right? but that´s not all. The other two were actual his test and both messages were exactly the same. I decided to mix them and upload them so then you guys can see this awsome guy´s work (btw, he sent me a fla file, not the swf, that´s why i uploaded it). 

After seeing this i decided to share this to my friends and some knew this guy and they were also spammed by him.  @SM28 sent me a screenshot of him asking for @cethic ´s sprites:5493479_147284464233_Untitled2.pngi´m now in my room, writing this and thinking; "Who´s next? Who´s gonna be his next victim? Is it going to survive?" So watch out ladies and gentleman, this gu will not stop until he gets what he wants, so watch out. Well, i hope you made it to here. I hope you didn´t got bored and went to other page and i hope you don´t get spammed by this guy.


Posted by Atp505 - August 29th, 2016

(Ignore my previous post, that was just a spam ;D )


Wow, finally 1 year. I just wanna say thank to all of you guys, the support you were giving to me was absolutely amazing. I just can´t believe that 75 people (actually 74, but still) like my animations, een knowing how lazy and uncreative i am, animating with nothing but my lame aniamting way.

I first remember when i entered on newgrounds for the first time, i was always hyped for some new updates and comments so i basicaly was uploading a sh*t ton of post per day. (Watching those posts back make me feel totally dissapointed about myself).

I also wana thank to my friends. They helped me a lot throw this year and the also gave me motivation to continue where i am now (even @p3m ;3 ).

Well , here you have some "updates", i guess i can call them that:

  • Something i´m worring about is my animating skills. Basically i´m running out of ideas for my combos and movements and when i try to think about something new, something i never though or animated before, nothing comes to my mind.
  • It´s kinda obvious that i´m not going to animate Madness forever, so maybe i´ll try to animate these dudes i made a few months ago and try to improve the style. I can also make......emm..... shet, i need ideas....
  • If you rember that post about making guns...well...you might already know but i´m not making them. Sorry for my lazyness and sorry for being an absolute cunt, but i don´t have motivation enough to continue them ;)


Well, if you took your time to read this horribly put together post, thank you and i hope you had a great day. And again, thank you all for the support and i´ll see you in another post.


Posted by Atp505 - June 26th, 2016

I have been on Newgrounds over 10 years, over 10,000 posts, and as the fourth user ever, to have attained 5x10K stats! It was very challenging to become a Living Legend. There were many who thought that I would never be able to do it. There were many people that tried hard to stop me, mostly hater mods. However, I did earn it. Great things in life are earned.

If I never did another thing on Newgrounds, I will still always be remembered as a Five Star Living Legend. No matter what happenes, that can never be taken anyway from me.

Posted by Atp505 - June 17th, 2016

Ladies and Gentelmen, i found the problem and now, i can submit timelapsez again ;D

Posted by Atp505 - June 4th, 2016

After making A LOT of tests, i´ll continue my collab clips, so enjoy these, cuz they´ll be the last ones only for some months:

  1. Test N1 (Sprites by @DeadKiller3535)
  2. Test N2 (Sprites by @indeimaus) (Video of me animating it)
  3. Test N3 (Sprites by Me)
  4. Test N4
  5. Test N5 (Sprites by @BioSoldier168[Failed Timelapse Test]
  6. Test N6 (ALL the Sprites,exept the blood, from @Delamortes)
  7. Test N7 (Both Characters from @Kirs10)
  8. Test N8 (Sprites by @DaskerKS and @Djjaner)
  9. Test N9 (Sprites by Me, Exept for the gun)
  10. Test N10 (Sprites by @SM28 and @Liuzirui1122)
  11. Test N11 (Sprites by @LuWolf) (Video of me animating it)

Well, That´s all i made. You´ll expect more from me in the next months, after Doors Collab And Eshio´s collab get released.


Posted by Atp505 - May 20th, 2016

Just look at the coments here. I continue the war cuz it´s very fun to talk with a guy that spams "You should consider suicide" when he made a video about himself saying that he wanted to end his life and with another dude that says that my father got raped and killed by the white man and knowing that he doesnpt any prove about it XD

P.S: Thank u guys for 66 fans, you´re the greatest ;)