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Atp505's News

Posted by Atp505 - April 22nd, 2016



Credits and everything else in the description below.

Posted by Atp505 - April 13th, 2016

First of all, thanks to everyone who supported and faned me on newgrounds. I can´t believe i finally got +50 fans here and i´ve been here for 8 months. Seriously, thank you guys so much.

The second thing, is that i gotta thank @Djjaner for allow me to take part in the tournament. That really helped me and gave me a lot of fans and a lot of support. Without your support, i would not be where i am now, so thank you again guys.

The third thing, i´ve got inspiration to make more tests and characters. Enjoy :D

  1. Mag Hank Test (Blue riot guy from MD2)
  2. Vassline Test. You can also watch my timelapse when i animated the test ;)
  3. Down of the Madness Test
  4. Some of my Newest Creations

And the last thing is about the guns request (if you don´t remember them, here you have the link). Sorry, but i didn´t even started another request cuz i´m busy with two collabs and school. It´s possible that i´ll never finish them. Sorry about that. ;(


But anyways, that´s all. Thanks for reading and supporting me and i´ll see you in the next post ;)


Posted by Atp505 - April 6th, 2016

Posted by Atp505 - March 27th, 2016


This is my first time using Camtasia, so the video may contain some errors. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the video.


    1_ Tobu- Higher
    2_ Tobu - Hope
    3_ Tobu - Colors

Finished Test: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/97d0c6a0e709a6be974c6425a98c840a

Sprites from: Vassline and Maxium Ninja


Also @Vassline. Sorry if i didn´t asked you to use your sprites. If you´re not ok with it, i´ll just delete the timelapse.

Posted by Atp505 - March 15th, 2016

......How u doing?

Posted by Atp505 - February 24th, 2016

First, here u have some test:

  1. First Test (Fire Effect by @liuzirui1122/Machete by @Delamortes)
  2. Second Test (Sprites by @liuzirui1122)
  3. Third Test (Sprites by ???)
  4. Fourth Test (Sprites by @Spaderz)
  5. Fifth Test (Sprites by @LemonPie/Cyclope by Me)

Now, let´s talk about my recent stuff:

Well, here´s a problem. I didn´t finished any collab part, any other gun request and any other Tournament part. Why?. Cuz i´m lazy n stupid, cuz instead of finishing a project, i let it and i make more tests (Wtf Atp?!?!). And the worst part is that the school is gonna start in some days and i´m gonna have less time than before, so... i´m f**ced up.

Luckly, i´m only in one collab and if i have time, i will try to finish only one collab clip. If i have even more time, i will try to finish two clips. (Sorry @SeinDark)


Posted by Atp505 - February 3rd, 2016

First of all, yes, i still alive, and i want to tell u some of my recent stuff:

Something for Madness Day: To be honest, idk if i´m gonna continue Madness Infiltration or if i´m gonna start something new. About Madness Infiltration, i didn´t worked on in for months (Damn Atp, you´re very lazy), well, yep, i am lazy and i´m not gonna have enough time. I´m finally gonna start the High School, n i´m gonna have less time than before, so, i´m not sure if i´m gonna finish a project for madness day, maybe, maybe not...

The Guns Requests: Well, at the moment, i finished @Goncalves2341´s request (A Sawed Off Shotgun) n i made a test with it. I´m gonna finish the other guns requests as soon as possible.

My tests: Like i sayied, i will be busy with school soon, but i still on holidays. Well, i´m gonna continue making tests if i have time or if i don´t have a project to make.

More Stuff: Like what?. That´s all lol. I don´t have anything else to do XD


Well, stay turned if i publish something new, something good, etc. Atp

P.S: thanks to all the people that voted me in the tournament.

Edit: My mouse run out of battery again. XC

Posted by Atp505 - January 23rd, 2016

Go here and vote! ;)

To see the other animator´s tests, go here

Good luck to the other animators ;)

Edit: Wow, 40 fans already?! Thanks a lot fellas :D

Posted by Atp505 - January 20th, 2016

Send me the image of the gun that you want and i will make it for u :D

Requests from the moment:

  1. @Goncalves2341 (Done)
  2. @Kirs10
  3. @Preswitch
  4. @0Rockluki0
  5. @Kenamii

Posted by Atp505 - January 13th, 2016

Weapons from Thing Thing 4:


Enjoy them folks ;)