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Atp505's News

Posted by Atp505 - December 30th, 2017

So, I´ve been drawing a bunch of random characters from Thing-Thing arena 3, and I wanted to share them here on Newgrounds (i only made one side tho)


The 1st character was requested from @DjSans

The 2nd one was requested by @Shadz64

The 3rd one was also requested by @DjSans

The 4th one was a gift that I did to @Dronik (and also the one that started this whole thing)

The 5th one was requested by @BorkMan (A.k.a. ZaracaM)

The 6th one was requested by @Grumpy666

If you want me to draw a specific character from any of the games, just send me a random combination of accessories and I will draw it (only making 5 more characters, tho) and after I finish them, I´ll post a link to all of them. 

I´ll also try and draw all the angles for the characters (not promising anything tho)



So, yeah. That´s it. Bye, i guess, idk.


Posted by Atp505 - December 30th, 2017

Posted by Atp505 - December 25th, 2017


Posted by Atp505 - December 14th, 2017


Posted by Atp505 - December 4th, 2017

So, Madness Target is out, after being delayed constantly for two weeks it´s finally out. Sorry if I only made 1 clip. I was really busy with school, and I finished my clip one day before the deadline, but then it kept being moved to another day. I could´ve made another clip in that time, but since I didn´t know exactly when it will be released, I didn´t (That´s a pretty shit excuse, but still). The collab was alright, it was kind of a mess but still watchable. 

I also drew this Weird Looking Purple Wizard. It´s based on the last boss of the game Valor. (If you don´t like gradients or the color purple, then these sprites may not be for you).


Hope you enjoy it.


Posted by Atp505 - December 2nd, 2017


Posted by Atp505 - November 22nd, 2017

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just added a few custom mouths and divided my robotic arm into different segments, that way you can give it different forms. Not the biggest change, but still. Enjoy, lol.


Also dis


Posted by Atp505 - November 7th, 2017


Posted by Atp505 - November 6th, 2017


Posted by Atp505 - October 26th, 2017

@djjaner I wanted to have a private conversation with you about a recent relpy that you left on Madnesia´s comment, but since you blocked me in both of your accouts, i have no other choice but to make it public, so hopefully you respond to me and to everyone calling you out for your bullshit.


I honestly don´t know what´s wrong with you. Why are you doing the things that you do. Someone that has a wife and a child, and still isn´t able to act maturely for once. My friend, and possibly a lot more people try to make you realize how much of a cunt you are, but you´re not willing to listen to any of their comments, probably due to the fact that your ego simply won´t allow you to.

I personally never met someone as egotistical as you. Someone that doesn´t read any type of comments that aren´t either complimenting him or sucking his dick. Someone that isn´t willing to listen to any bit of criticism, and whenever someone does criticise him, he gets instantly banned. Someone that fucks his own groups up, and isn´t willing to admit it. Someone that simply can´t stand a damn joke that someone made about him, and that is willing to do basically everything to get the "cyberbullying" joke down. Someone that´s just desperate for drama and attention, that´ll do everything he can to get to that attention, even if that means hurting those that he ones used to be friends with.

Someone that´s not willing to admit that he´s a cunt.

 I hope you read this, and i hope you take into consideration everything i´ve just said. And i also hope you reply to this with a construstive comment istead of pussing out and just not willing to admit that you´re in the wrong.