Entry #39


2017-06-27 19:50:16 by Atp505

Sooo... Hello...

Ok, let me explain myself. The reason why i didn´t made the video in January was because i got REALLY into Tf2, to the point where i managed to get 1000 hours in 6 to 7 months, that and because i ran out of space in one of my computer´s discs, and there´s a problem with Steam, which won´t allow me to install more games on the other disc because of an error that i´m too lazy to try and fix. Also, since school started like 3 or 4 months ago, i couldn´t do anything "productive". That explains the lack of posts, animations and content. What i originally wanted to say is; don´t expect something productive from me, i´m not quiting or anything, it´s just i´m losing interest in MC and i can´t do anything but play Tf2. Also, the QnA video... i will make it eventually... probably not...

Oh, one more thing. For those who remember the incident with @Fedor22 . Well, if you don´t remember what happened; here´s some posts to help you remember. Well, he made a post recently showing that the sprites that he got are not stolen and that he got them from a chinese website. This is the reason why i made this post in the first place (and also to explain my lack of content). The post that me made days ago didn´t got the attention that it needed, so i´m showing it here, since i was the one that started the whole thing. I recommend you to go and reed it if you got involved in the drama.

I hope this post said anything helpful regarding my content. I´ll see you in another year. See ya



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2017-06-27 20:01:58

TF2 is the best, glad you realised :)

Atp505 responds:

I really hate the casual matchmaking system, tho. Other than that, it´s a really wonderful gaem.


2017-06-27 20:51:24

You don't even rocket jump lol.

Atp505 responds:

yes i do, boi. I main soldier and pyro.


2017-06-27 22:11:50

Same, I play community servers

Atp505 responds:

Most of them are terrible. That´s why i still play casual.


2017-06-28 04:54:06

Rip'd ( For some time )


2017-06-28 05:21:31

Thief will always be thief. Nice to see you aren't totally dead.

Atp505 responds:

He's not a thief, lol. He just wanted to be part of the community, and tried that by giving away sprites in shady ways.


2017-06-28 06:16:50

*Got up from tomb*
- Welcome to grave, m8.

Atp505 responds:

Thx dood


2017-06-30 23:49:26

It is good to see you back


2017-08-09 09:58:47

Lol only 1000hours ? What a CASUAL !! :D.

Atp505 responds:

In 8 months, lol.


2017-09-11 11:58:10

oh yeah, i remember seeing you in a stream where you played on degrootkeep

Atp505 responds:

Really? Which stream?


2017-09-21 06:55:31

in ugotaphonenumber's stream

Atp505 responds:

Oh yeah, now I remember :d


2017-09-25 13:50:53

Your part at the infected collab 3 is amazing af


2017-10-17 11:12:58

the new jungle update is here, woaaaah

Atp505 responds:

Let's just hope for VOLVo to not fuck this one up.


2017-10-17 13:16:09

Will ya ever notice me?