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The Official Madness Combat OC Tier List

Posted by Atp505 - November 21st, 2020

This whole thing took us two days to finish. We got around 200 different ocs from different discord servers and newgrounds posts/movies. This tier list is totally biased and opinionated and everything stated in it is actual facts B)


Huge thanks to DJ, Nicole, Mystic, The Gaming Production Man, Scorpack, Lukimir, Maker, Sleeziz, Endik, Rekka and Sauce Boy for their contribution to the tier list. These guys either provided some ocs for their tierlist, their opinions on said ocs, or even both. This whole thing wouldn´t exist without them (take that as you will). Also a big kiss on the cheek to Nova-Headed for the inspiration, since he came up with the whole oc tier list idea, and all we did is just add as many of em as possible.

Also I reached 300 fans on Newgrounds, that´s pretty cool I guess lo-

Edit: Here´s a less compressed version of the tier list, lmao.



Comments (51)

ZZZzzz.... Oh huh, yeah this tier list is a poggers.

Also needless to say there´s a realistic chance that I forgot your oc. If I did let me know :)

This tierlist sucks because none of these OC's caused any real world impact besides Velour exposing a Pedophile that the entire community now clowns on.

This is mostly based on the ocs themselves (their looks and lore) within the madness universe. Anything outside of that doesn't count. Also keyword "mostly" because the entirety of the Godlike tier (and also bant because yeah) kind of breaks that rule, since this tier list from the get-go never took itself seriously anyway.

Holy fuck I'm on "Insane"?

Thanks boyo.

@Cymbourine I was the main person bant did shit too.

shut up B)

Man. Looking at all this really makes me want to know your guys' thought process. Mainly because i'd love to have a chance to find out more OC Lore.
Also public opinion and image is generally interesting.

Our thought process for ranking all of these ocs mainly boils down to how cool/unique they look and how interesting their lore is. This doesn´t apply to the godlike tier however lmao.

Since my oc is on the same tier as my best friend's oc, then I consider this accurate


where is narutroll

The cutesy chief 8)


Should've been on the bottom tiers but alrighty den.

Cutesy and Oh hell yeah B)

Ay boludo, tuviste que recortar justamente ese dibujo mas viejo de mi oc xD

Estaba llendo página por página y es el primer dibujo de tu oc que encontré en ese momento. Por lo menos elegí algo reciente comparado cono Rainbow viteh Xd

Least it's an honor my oc is above kelzad and Sean.

@Cymbourine Your OC still looks like shit

Help I’m blind where am I

yeah so uhhhhhh................,

Bruh where's my oc bruh bruh bruh

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